About Us

What is SCAHM

The South Carolina Association for Hazard Mitigation (SCAHM) is a professional organization dedicated to educating South Carolina communities about hazard mitigation and loss prevention. Our members represent various professions, including but not limited to: building code enforcement officials and inspectors, company Presidents and Vice Presidents, emergency managers, engineers, floodplain managers, GIS technicians, hydrologists, planning and/or zoning officials, and project managers.

Each year in the spring, the SCAHM sponsors an annual educational conference where we present educational sessions on multiple types of hazards. The SCAHM also sponsors training courses on various hazard mitigation subjects throughout the year. Click on the events page to find out more about our current schedule.

The SCAHM is a Chapter Member of the Association of State Floodplain Managers, Inc. (ASFPM), the primary professional association of floodplain managers in the US.


The purpose of the South Carolina Association for Hazard Mitigation is to:

  1. Promote public awareness of proper natural hazard management and mitigation;

  2. Promote the professional status of hazard management and secure all benefits resulting therefrom;

  3. Enhance cooperation and exchange information among various related private organizations, individuals, and local, state, and federal agencies;

  4. Keep individuals who are concerned with proper natural hazard management and mitigation well informed through educational and professional seminars and provide a method for dissemination of information, both general and technical;

  5. Inform concerned individuals of pending hazard legislation and other related materials; and,

  6. Study and support legislation pertinent and necessary to the effective implementation of natural hazard management and mitigation regulations.

The Association does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to the members thereof, and is organized solely for non-profit purposes. No part of the net earnings of the SCAHM shall personally benefit or be distributed to its members, directors, officers, or other private persons, except to recompense for authorized services rendered and to make payments and distribution in furtherance of the will of the Association.